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Structure URLEncoded​Form​Decoder.​Configuration

public struct Configuration

Used to capture URLForm Coding Configuration used for decoding

Member Of


Decodes instances of Decodable types from application/x-www-form-urlencoded Data.

Nested Types


Supported date formats



public init(boolFlags: Bool = true, arraySeparators: [Character] = [",", "|"], dateDecodingStrategy: DateDecodingStrategy = .secondsSince1970)

Creates a new URLEncodedFormCodingConfiguration.


bool​Flags Bool

Set to true allows you to parse flag1&flag2 as boolean variables where object with variable flag1 and flag2 would decode to true or false depending on if the value was present or not. If this flag is set to true, it will always resolve for an optional Bool.

array​Separators [Character]

Uses these characters to decode arrays. If set to ,, arr=v1,v2 would populate a key named arr of type Array to be decoded as ["v1", "v2"]

date​Decoding​Strategy Date​Decoding​Strategy

Date format used to decode a date. Date formats are tried in the order provided